Countries undergoing dramatic transformations reassess the rules and institutions that underpin their economic, 政治, 社会文化治理. We investigate the underlying forces driving policy development in the contemporary Asian region.


  • 政治 representation, accountability and transparency
  • 政党和选举改革
  • constitutional rules and new forms of authoritarian and democratic rule
  • 亚太贸易新架构
  • public policy implementation and public sector administrative reforms including the economics of health policy
  • 社会政策,援助和发展实践
  • state money laundering, anti-corruption strategies and the role of integrity agencies.

Understanding the factors influencing emerging policy responses in the region informs Australia’s diplomatic and trade relations and advocacy work on issues of international concern.

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A /教授. 简和记

教授. Kanishka Jayasuriya

A /教授. 特伦斯。李


A /教授. 弗朗西斯科·保鲁西

教授. 本杰明·赖利

E /教授. 理查德•罗宾逊

教授. 罗丹

E /教授. 伊恩•斯科特

教授. 晓文田

A /教授. 彼得华林




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